Remember Where You Wore Me

Remember Where You Wore Me

Something happens when you fall in love...

A feeling takes over your entire body. Your senses heighten, and you see, feel, and express yourself in new ways. Instantly, you remember your surroundings, what you wore and the way it made you feel.

Experiences like that can be made no matter where you are, my mission is to design clothing that gives you the freedom of movement to capture more of these moments

Clothing can forever hold a memory ... and tell a story… Then when you slip back into it … you’ll experience the magic all over again. 

That was the "Remember Where You Wore Me" video dialogue. Written by me inspired by Nevis and how I feel when I'm there. Nevis is my heritage, my roots where my mother was born... but more than that Nevis is magical, natural, effortless and exclusive all the things that I believe the Stacey Martin Lifestyle Brand emcompasses.  

I am grateful and proud to have an official collaboration with this beautiful island, I hope to take you there through clothing and adventure so that you to can experience the mysique as well.

Remember where you wore me 

Stacey xx