REINVENting THE LOOK OF luxury reinventing the look of COMFORT

Stacey Martin Lifestyle is a Canadian Luxe Loungewear apparel company that pushes the boundaries of fashion by combining sustainability, comfort and style in a way that inspires confidence and reinvents the look of luxury. Designed predominantly of comfortable sustainable t-shirt and sweatshirt fabrics and sold in curated already styled clothing sets and in limited batches to reduce waste, the brand is eco-friendly and the perfect blend between comfort and style.

part style, part comfort, part sustainability

"Clothing can forever hold a memory and tell a story. Then when you slip back into it you’ll experience the magic all over again."

- Stacey Martin


The fashion industry is facing major challenges: brick and mortar stores are closing. There is an increase in unsustainable and unethical practices in clothing manufacturing. Consumers are forced to choose between comfort and style and underlying systemic racism is stifling creativity and standing in the way of opportunity. 


stacey Martin lifestyle's corporate promise

Our corporate promise is to create an environment of inclusion and diversity for contract workers, employees and board members. To create a care culture for the mental health of employees and their families. To provide education to pave the way for future minority leaders and to fund environmentally friendly initiatives that reduce the carbon footprint.

ADAM Miron

Business advisor & Shareholder

ADAM'S Testimonial

"Love and thanks to this amazing team for all of your hard work and dedication! I'm so excited for this community to grow!"

-Stacey Martin

Stacey martin Lifestyle will be 18% community owned!

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