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Designed predominantly of the highest quality comfortable, sustainable t-shirt and sweatshirt fabrics. Manufactured with precision and sold in curated already styled clothing sets and in limited batches to reduce waste, Stacey Martin Lifestyle is the perfect blend between comfort and style. Imagine your entire wardrobe designed for the movement of your life.


Body Positive

Stacey Martin Lifestyle exudes your most beautiful self and invites you to create incredible memorable experiences.

designs - organic cotton french terry / lycra - vixen - wrap jumper & exclusive - sleeveless tailored blazer

Natural sustainable fibers feel incredible and allow your body to breathe. By using these eco-conscious materials we lessens the environmental footprint and deliver a product that is softer, stronger and of the highest quality. Where synthetic fibers are required in design we use recycled polyester mainly fiber derived from post-consumer plastic waste.

stacey martin lifestyle is

Made in Canada with sustainable fabrics, ethical production and hands on quality assurance.

What it’s made of

is as important as the designs itself

"The fabric is what touches your skin, it is the closest thing to your soul. There is something so special about the feeling of being enveloped in incredible materials; it's intimate, a little sensual and absolutely impacts the way you feel."

-Stacey Martin

Where style meets comfort

signature - ultra feminine hooded corset wrap - Organic cotton french terry / lycra

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