2024 Unveiled: Dreaming Big on St. Kitts' Rooftop – Join Me on the Journey!

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It’s New Year’s Eve … I’m in St. Kitts, sitting on the rooftop looking at the city lights  … it’s magical.

I’m replaying 2023 through my mind while looking ahead at 2024… and I wonder …what would it be like if we could all see the future…

What if we could see ourselves getting that new job, new home, new love … or whatever we dream.

Could that even be possible?

Then I think to myself. On this day last year I said I wanted to be in St. Kitts for NYE.

I envisioned ringing in the New Years under the Caribbean stars. I didn’t plan it out but I knew I really wanted it. Then over the last couple of weeks it seems like out of nowhere a series of events unfolded it make it possible

Can the successes of life be as simple as having a clear vision and asking?

I have a (self rewarded) doctorate lol in human physiology. I’ve read a lot on the topic but I’ve never truly tested the theory….  but for some reason ready now.

So this is my 2024 story.

It starts right here on a rooftop in St. Kitts.

Stacey Martin lifestyle’s core brand elements are inspired by the twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis (I will show you how).

For the rest of the year I will travel often and  design pieces inspired by my experiences so that I can take you there too

I will spread my words to educate and enrich women. To empower them to move freely towards their dreams and become closer to who they really are.

More than just a fashion brand Stacey Martin Lifestyle will redefine wellness. I will build a community of women who are ready to share, explore and grow together.

I know it’s a lot!! Lol but I’m a lot and I’m ok with that lol! I’m going to put all my thoughts  into detail and get them on a calendar.

Would you do the same? Would you test this theory with me?

Write down everything you want and everything you dream.

Operate like you already have it. Expect it to happen and write your 2024 story then live it!!

I’m so happy to have you be a part of my story. I only hope I can be a part of yours.

What are we waiting for…

The time will pass anyway we might as well show up in the world we want

Let’s gooooo! 

Let’s Go There - Happy New Year



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