Let's do this again. Mark your calendars!

Posted by Stacey Martin on

Can I wish you a Happy New Year again in 3 weeks time?

I always feel New Years comes too soon after Christmas. We don’t really have time to recover, reset, strategize and reflect

For me NYE on Dec 31 is always great but I don’t feel I have time to truly set my intentions and build my story for the year ahead. 

So this year I’m celebrating again in Feb and inviting you to come! 

So for anyone who started their new year's quest and has already fallen off. Or you really haven’t started because you just haven’t had time. I hear you loud and clear and I am here for you!

Let’s do it again!

Saturday Feb 10th which also happens to be the Chinese New Years, The year of the Dragon, I’m hosting a party!

I am ready to unleash my inner dragon to be all I was meant to be and I want the same for you! Are you in let’s live the life we envision. 

Let’s gooooo!

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