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Stacey Martin Lifestyle is a Canadian luxe loungewear company that pushes the boundaries of fashion by combining comfort, sustainability and style in a way that inspires you to make your own rules, tell your own story and fall in love with your current moment.


To inspire people to create lasting memories in clothing that moves them. 


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 “We know our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us. Now research shows what we wear affects us too. Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes… clothes can change [our] mood and thoughts.”

- Karen Pine - University of Hertfordshire - expert in fashion psychology

Clothing can capture a feeling and propel your imagination

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Stacey martin lifestyle Inc.

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Customer Love


"Stacey Martin is one of the hardest working people I have ever known! Her determination and will to succeed are beyond any other"

Jennifer Peralta

Ottawa On


"The quality of Stacey Martin's designs are next level! I have been shopping for over 10 years, have over 10 pieces and still wear them all!"

Erica Caruso

Sao Paulo, Brazil


"The clolthes give me style and comfort effortlessly! They make me feel amazing!"

Dorota Simpson

Toronto, On


"Stacey Martin's designs are the perfect blend between fitness & fashion clothing"

Shannon Beach

Los Angeles, CA


"I buy for my daughter, I buy for myself! Together, we own the entire collection!"

Donna Anderton

Ottawa On