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Pilates-Inspired Apparel to Take You from Studio to Living Your Best Life

About Stacey Martin Lifestyle

Embrace a New Era of Pilates and Wellness

At Stacey Martin Lifestyle, we're redefining wellness with Pilates-inspired apparel that celebrates inclusivity, style, and sustainability. Founded by Stacey Martin, our brand is driven by a mission to empower self-improvement, foster connection, and provide representation.

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Community owned

Owned by 168 shareholders


Environmental friendly fabrics


Fair wadges & working conditions

Black owned business

Black female founded

About Pilates-Inspired Apparel and Lifestyle

At Stacey Martin Lifestyle, Pilates-inspired apparel goes beyond fashion—it's a reflection of our holistic approach to wellness. We believe in embracing the essence of Pilates, which embodies strength, grace, and mindful movement.

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Embrace Pilates-Inspired Living

Move Freely, Live Fully, Wear Mindfully

Stacey Martin Lifestyle embodies a philosophy rooted in the art of mindful movement and self-expression. Our mission is to empower you to embrace every moment, whether you're sculpting your dreams or finding tranquility in stillness.

Discover a world where movement meets style and wellness becomes a way of life. Live more, love more, and wear Stacey Martin Lifestyle often. Let our apparel inspire you to embody grace, strength, and joy with every breath.

Our mission

To empower self-improvement, provide connection & representation.

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Immerse yourself in a world of holistic wellness and empowerment through our diverse range of workshops and classes. Engage in transformative sessions that blend the principles of Pilates with wellness practices and enjoyment. Elevate your practice with our specialty Pilates classes, designed to refine and strengthen both body and mind. Additionally, access our library of online resources, including our upcoming YouTube channel (stay tuned!). Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we redefine what it means to embrace the Stacey Martin Lifestyle.

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Where Pilates-inspired elegance meets sustainable style. Discover curated collections, transformative workshops, and our vibrant community today.


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Advocate for body-inclusivity and self love

Black owned business

Founded by a black female entrepreneur


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