The brand 

Stacey Martin Lifestyle is an eco-conscious Athluxe™ designer fashion brand made for you to experience life in! Conceived by Stacey Martin the specially designed limited edition collection encourages you to “Go There”

Our designs 

Each piece is designed by Stacey herself, made by draping on her body with intricate attention to detail that accentuates every curve. Made by a woman for a woman means that all designs are created by someone who lives in your body, understands your needs and is on a mission to make you fall in love with yourself. 

Our process

From inception, to design, to pattern making, to cutting and manufacturing the Stacey Martin Lifestyle collection pieces are fully made in Canada.


Our sizing model is based on a simple state-of-mind: focus on giving customers the perfect fit, without having them fixate on their size. We dreamed up this concept as we know the preoccupation women have with their body shape, size, and weight. Instead of focusing on the number or letter size our customers are encouraged to love their bodies and fall in love with their current love size. This helps to promote a positive body image and improve the way women see and feel about themselves.


Athluxe™ - Is the next generation of fashion. A word coined by designer Stacey Martin to describe a new category of clothing that is made with athletic type, comfortable fabric, mixed with luxury styling. Buttery soft, yet durable; these pieces aren't meant to be your afterwork loungewear. They are made to be seen, to move, to experience life in.

Our inspiration

Delicious eco-conscious fabrics and beautiful unique designs made by a woman for a woman is what you see, but what inspired Stacey Martin Lifestyle? When asked the question designer Stacey Martin says “ I am inspired by women. I am inspired by you. I want Stacey Martin Lifestyle to make you feel something. Something both revitalizing and classic, exciting yet comfortable … I want you to fall in love with your body I want Stacey Martin Lifestyle to encourage you to live and feel alive.”

Tag line & slogan

Go There and remember where you wore me


Stacey Martin Lifestyle is your passport to living in eco-conscious comfort and style. Reminiscent of the designer's Caribbean heritage Stacey utilizes natural fabrics that are breathable, natural and good for the environment. Each hand picked fiber feels incredible against your skin and stimulates your soul. We invite you to immerse yourself in a brand that values the environment and takes living an eco-conscious lifestyle to the next level. 

With no single use plastics in labelling or packaging, and fabrics that are made with recycled water bottles, faux fur and Oeko-Tex certified, Stacey Martin Lifestyle ensures that you can feel good, do good and look good at the same time.

Learn More

Nevis Tourism Authority

With an official collaboration with Nevis Tourism Authority, Stacey Martin Lifestyle  encompassing the spirit of the Caribbean inviting you to live more, love more and go there to do whatever you dream.
By way of aesthetic, fabric and design Stacey Martin Lifestyle envelopes all that Nevis represents, allowing you to feel a little piece of the Caribbean vibe wherever you go.