Creating a conscious future

We aim to be a transformative brand. To bring solutions to the tough questions surrounding the fashion industry 

“Stacey Martin Lifestyle is wearable advocacy mixing awareness into your wardrobe, giving you apparel that reflects your beliefs”


More than just a fashion brand our mission is to change the way fashion is seen, worn, owned and operated 

Be the change

Our promise is to bring solutions to the tough questions surrounding the fashion industry. To be a transformative brand that delivers wearable advocacy that’s designed with luxury and made with the softest fabrics on the planet.

“As a black female entrepreneur I am continually striving to be seen, to be heard, to be taken seriously and I know I am not alone. Creating Stacey Martin Lifestyle gave us a platform to speak and in my eyes it gave us the possibility to make a difference.

Having this opportunity is a very scary yet powerful place. I know we have the ability to impact the world. Question is, can we be loud enough to ensure that the message is heard.”

- Stacey Martin

Doing our part to build community

It’s not truly a community if you are not including others. Solely selling to the masses doesn’t let them become involved or immersed, it doesn’t allow them to truly feel connected. Stacey Martin Lifestyle gives the opportunity to our community to participate in the brand.

To experience, to learn, to feel loved and most importantly to own. To date the brand is owned by 167 shareholders. Our vision is for this number to be multiplied by thousands more. This is our way to uplift the community and do our part to close the economic gap.

It’s time for the narrative to change


I was a dancer On Broadway living in New York City. I would see so many beautiful women suffering for fashion. I wondered, why can’t the fashion be comfortable? Why can’t we have beautiful innovative design mixed with natural comfortable fabrics? I couldn’t find it so I designed it.

I didn’t go to fashion or business school. I am 100% self taught, I have actually never had a 9-5 job. I learnt to sew from my mom when I was a child. And a lot of the preliminary  business foundation was learnt from my years of being a professional dancer.

The 3 main obstacles that I face as a black female entrepreneur are lack of funding, lack of representation and an overall feeling that I am not taken seriously.  I truly believe that this stems mainly from the lack of representation. The more we are visible the more it will become normal to see us thriving.

Fashion is always seen as girly but the more your brand grows the more it is male dominated. My suggestion to all women and what I have to do is be persistent. Have a vision, create a strategy and don’t lose sight of it. It can be discouraging at times because you will see others “getting by” easier but if you continue to strive, you will continue to grow.

My goal is to have Stacey Martin Lifestyle change the narrative. To change how fashion is seen, worn, owned and operated. Ultimately I want there to be more opportunities for women, more possibility for black women and for one day to have Stacey Martin Lifestyle owned by 10,000 thousand of us

We believe this starts with the consumer. Businesses will adapt to keep up with satisfying consumer needs. So if we collectively decide to buy ethically, the industry will provide.


Owned by 167 community members


Environmental friendly fabrics


Fair wadges & working conditions


Black founded, majority black owned

body inclusive

Advocate for body-inclusivity and self love