Meet Stacey

In 2020, fashion designer and creative powerhouse, Stacey Martin, rebranded her highly successful clothing company, Kania Couture Inc. and created Stacey Martin Lifestyle Inc. to serve as a representation of what it means to live your life with intention. This brand would champion diversity, prioritise environmental health and inspire individuals to move toward their goals in freedom, comfort and style.

Stacey’s love for fashion was visible from early on when she would volunteer to design and sew prom dresses for her friends in the eighth grade. Stacey also loved dance and as a teenager, she jump started her career as a professional performing artist.
By the age of 17, she had dance contracts with Canada’s Wonderland and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. By 19 years old, Stacey moved to New York City and was cast as the youngest member in the Broadway show, Saturday Night Fever. It was during her time on Broadway that Stacey discovered the disconnect between fashion and comfort and style. She needed clothing that would move with her, support her busy lifestyle—clothing that looked as good as it felt! And if no one was going to design it, this fashion lover would!

KANIA generated over one million dollars in revenue, a large customer following and recognition from high-profile fashion events like New York Fashion Week. However, with only 14% of major fashion brands being run by a female executive, and less than 0.5% of Black female entrepreneurs receiving venture capital funding, Stacey knew that she needed to make her mission something greater than creating beautiful, ethically sourced clothing. 

Stacey champions diversity, self love and seeks to empower and inspire women to move toward what matters most. She committed to creating a culture that ultimately changes the way fashion is seen, worn, owned and operated.