Love Your Body Transformation Program

Love Your Body Transformation Program

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The Stacey Martin Lifestyle’s Love Your Body Transformation Program is a unique 4-week Pilates and Self-Love Program designed to help transform your body and shift your mind habitually, empowering you to recognize how beautiful and powerful you are. 

“Body transformation isn't just about weight loss. 

It's about transforming how you feel in your skin”

As a non traditional Pilates instructor, I understand the difficulties many women face with negative body image. In the media there is an overall lack of body diversity. It’s very hard to ever see ourselves. We can feel intimidated and excluded for never fitting that “ideal body stereotype”. An intimidation that is compounded by seeing those who effortlessly “fit the mould” but constantly complain that they don’t. 

This negative self-image slowly chips away at our confidence and can leave us feeling unattractive and unworthy. It creates an unhealthy pressure to achieve a certain standard that can lead to negative self-image.

Launching on International Self-care Day, July 24th, this 4-week guided program empowers you to prioritize self-care by carving out essential time for yourself.

  • Start date July 24 

  • Duration 4 weeks 

The Program :

This program is done daily. Aiming to establish self-care and self-love as daily habits.

  • (1) 10-Minute Pilates Mind-Body Workouts: Strengthen and tone your body with precise movements and mindful breathing.

  • (1) 10-minute metabolism boost suggestion

  • (1) Self-Love Practices: Exercises to cultivate a positive self-image and body confidence.


Our sizing model is based on a simple state-of-mind: focus on giving customers the perfect fit, without having them fixate on their size. We dreamed up this concept as we know the preoccupation women have with their body shape, size, and weight.

Instead of focusing on the number or letter size our customers are encouraged to love their bodies and fall in love with their current love size. This helps to promote a positive body image and improve the way women see and feel about themselves.

Size chart

Designed by a woman for a woman and ethically manufactured with love in Canada.